From the CEO

From the pen of the CEO - Antonn Cloete

I stood back one day and gazed upon Elecmec in awe.

Never to have believed that little “I” could have achieve any of this?

Only to realise that “I” was merely a tool in GODS HANDS.

Without the help, the wisdom and the guidance of the Almighty Elecmec would never have been born.

Many people have come and gone thru our training hands, some have stayed for 20years, but others have chosen to move on. Most will return, once, twice maybe thrice, only to realise that Elecmec is not so bad after all.

But most of all we are proud of our knowledgeable staff, who know almost everything, about

Everything, making Elecmec your only one stop shop when you shop.

Not forgetting our ladies who collect and spend our money, they are the heart of our business.

And last but not least, my beautiful wife who took over my responsibilities when my eyes failed me.

She manages 3 companies, she’s my eyes,

My advisor,

My companion,

My friend,

My soulmate.

And after 25 years of successful business, we can only thank our loyal customers for their kind support and trust. Without them, Elecmec would never have existed. Some are customers, but most have become our friends…..

We salute and thank you, each and every one and we look forward to the next 25years of service excellence.

Forever grateful and in your service

Antonn Cloete